Course Venues

Euneos choice of venues is based on two essentials: delivering professionalism and assuring personal well-being in order to warrant enjoyable course experience.

Rijeka, Croatia


Croatia boasts its share of medieval cities and historic ruins, but what makes this country exceptional is its wealth of stunning natural attractions such as the Plitvice Lakes, the spectacular Adriatic coastlines and gorgeous islands, such as Krk. Visitors can stroll through authentic rural villages, swim in secluded bays, and sunbathe on popular city beaches. Krk Town, the island’s central town, is cloaked by two-thousand-year-old walls and impressive historical buildings, including the 13th-century Frankopan Castle, the Kosljun Monastery Museum, and the 16th-century City Hall. 

Course Venue

The course will take place at the seaside Hotel Jadran which was completely renovated in 2005 including conference rooms at highly professional level. The hotel is located located at Šetalište XIII divizije, Rijeka, a 15 minute walk or a 5 minute drive from the old town.



You can make booking directly to the hotel or through booking sites like, TripAdvisor, Expedia, Trivago etc. Booking sites offer search for hotels, apartments and bed and breakfast.  

We warmly recommend the hotel where the course venue is:

Hotel Jadran

Other hotels within a walking distance:

Hotel Continental

Hotel Neboder

More apartments and Hostels



Nearest airport is Rijeka International Airport. The Rijeka-Krk Airport is 30 km away from the city center of Rijeka and is located on the island of Krk. Rijeka Airport has organized official regular shuttle service from/to Rijeka (bus station: peron 5 at Jelačićev Trg 3), Omišalj (bus station: central bus station) and Kraljevica (bus station at Jadranska magistrala).  A list of legal taxis is on the exit of Rijeka Airport.

Rijeka’s public transportation includes the city (1st zone) and suburban (2nd, 3rd and 4th zone) bus lines. Public transport operates from 5 am to 11.30 pm, approximately every 15 minutes.

The main bus stops in Rijeka for public transport are Jelačić Square and Delta Terminal. Public transportation is divided into 4 zones. The KD Autrolej buses are recognizable because of their orange color. Prices and types of bus tickets are one-way, two-way, daily and weekly passes. One-way tickets can be purchased directly from the bus driver. The tickets must be paid for in cash.

After purchasing a ticket, it is necessary to time stamp it in the ticket stamping device, which is usually immediately behind the driver. The ticket can be used in one direction of travel and the passenger has the right to change several buses, provided they do not exceed the driving time limit.

The time limit for a bus ticket for the first zone is 60 minutes, the second zone is 70 minutes, the third zone is 90 minutes and the fourth zone is 130 minutes. Two-way travel tickets can be purchased at kiosks and in KD Autotrolej offices. The same rules and time limit apply as with one-way travel tickets that are bought directly on the bus.

Check the bus zone map, bus line scheme, the bus timetable and the ticket prices.

Franjo Tuđman Airport in Zagreb is approximately 2 hours drive from Rijeka.

Catering options

You have your KA1 grant budget for your accommodation including meals. The courses will include time for relaxing coffee breaks, tea and special moments for cultural exchange. You are welcome to share something from your country and culture.

To see...

Rijeka is the European Culture Capital of 2020. The first thing you should do while in Rijeka is a promenade on Korzo, a lively street full of shops, cafes and restaurants and enjoy a cup of coffee on the sun while chatting about life, an enjoyment unique to Balkan peoples. It is also an opportunity to browse through the beautiful architecture which is the city's Hapsburg heritage. Moreover, the visit to Trsat Fortress, Cathedral of St. Vitus, Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Maritime and History Museum of the Croatian Coast or take a dip into the crystal clear waters of Sablicevo Beach. The delicacies that we recommend you try while in Croatia include black risotto, boshkarin, brodetto, buzara, peka or raw sea food with a glass of the famous Malvazija or Teran wines. Dobrodošli!